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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Watercolour workshop with John Hoar

Just finished a workshop with John Hoar, who is someone who's work I have always admired, he paints very similar to Edward Wesson who again is another who inspires me, we managed to complete five pieces of artwork which was quite daunting, John and his wife are fantastic hosts and make you feel very relaxed, I have placed two of the five images for you to see, I will post the other images later, would love to receive any comments you wish to make, constructive that is.


Paul Dunn said...

Wonderful tones and subject matter - great admirer of both John Hoar and Steve Hall and their loose impressionist style. Would love to see the other paintings you mentioned during your workshop with John.
Great work ... well done.

Anonymous said...

Good work,
If they were my watercolours I' d be pleased.

david mather said...

Thanks for your comment, I am always looking to improve my work by attending workshops with artists I admire, and also looking at past masters style and techniques.