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Thursday, 26 December 2013

John Hoar paintings done at the earlier workshop near Tavistock.

John Hoar workshop near Tavistock, watercolour and line and wash.

We had another workshop with John Hoar a few weeks ago, where he gave us a demonstration in watercolour, for which we then had to try and follow, and then a snow scene done with line and wash, his wife kept us topped with hot tea and coffee, and cakes ect which she had baked the night before, at lunchtime we wandered over to the village pub for a cooked lunch and to discuss how we're getting along, the following is my effort, I will put John's up on the next post.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

First ever acrylic painting done by me, St Aubin harbour Jersey

This is my first attempt at an acrylic painting, it is of St Aubin harbour Jersey, found that the fast drying of the medium quite a challenge, but found that creating a stay wet palette was a considerable help, not totally convinced of the medium, but was satisfied with the end product, any hints or comments would be welcome.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Oil painting using just the three primary colours, Postbridge clapper bridge Dartmoor.

Tried this oil painting by just using the three primary colours, a great way of learning how to mix colours and to make you think more, used a tinted board to give a sense of mood and unify the scene, was quite pleased with the outcome, the scene itself was the clapper bridge at Postbridge on Dartmoor.